Advanced Guitar Course

The Advanced Guitar Course helps you:

1. Establish goals for your guitar playing.

It will help a lot if you have a definite idea about where you want to go, rather than wandering aimlessly from song to song!

2. Separate goals into short term and long term goals.

Short term goals are easy, achievable milestones that help you progress from week to week. By consistently reaching short-term goals, you will in time reach your longest-term goals. And that will feel great!

3. Develop a good practice routine.

It is your routine that helps you achieve your short term goals. It essential to have a good idea of what to practice, and when, and for how long. This usually requires the guidance of a good teacher.

A good teacher is essential to guide you and organise material for you.

In addition to this, a good teacher helps you:

– master the basic techniques so that you have a strong foundation for learning any style

– focus on learning your own favourite songs, and the theory underlying them, so that you stay motivated and keep wanting to progress

– progress in a balanced way, so that you become a strong, well rounded musician

– know how to help you stay motivated when you hit slumps, and don’t have time or energy for much practice

I only take on serious students who are committed to reaching their goals. If you fit the following description, contact me to set up a free trial lesson:

√ You are willing to commit to your guitar practice and be serious about practicing at least a little everyday.

√ You are willing to be persistent and patient with it, until you achieve your goals.

√ You won’t be discouraged by making mistakes, but will be happy that you are making progress. Everyone who achieves mastery has made literally millions of mistakes to get there!

√ You are excited and passionate about music, and really desire to become the absolute best player you can possibly be!

Fill out this form to apply for lessons, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours:

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