How did you feel about playing guitar before taking lessons with me versus after?

Less confident beforehand, and my sense of timing was very poor.

Now I think about where I am supposed to start, say 2nd beat instead of 1st. Have a better sense of timing. Also a better sense of where the gaps are and why they help
the expressive elements of the song.

Did I help you overcome any particular difficulties with the guitar?

Scales, scales, scales. Never thought they could be enjoyable to play but they are.

Alternate picking. Never attempted it before. Getting the hang of it now.

Soloing. I had not done so in the context of the song itself, e.g. with Am Pentatonic over a 12 bar blues tune

Two or three things you can understand or do now, but couldn’t before taking lessons with me:

Where the rhythm, lead etc fit in. Why some notes go together and why some
sound discordant. A guide tone for example might only fit in when you are playing the Am chord.

Favourite thing about the lessons:

Playing together as a group. Learning how a song is constructed. Finding it difficult at first and seeing progress.

Other comments:

Daniel is a very patient teacher. He has an excellent knowledge of all music styles.

– Richard Collins

I have always wanted to play the guitar but could not find the right teacher until I met Daniel.

When I started I knew nothing about playing guitar but Daniel put that right.
With his enthusiasm, technique, and genuine interest I was well on my way.

He gave me the three “t”s:

Tuition: He gave me the confidence to start from the bottom and build a good foundation, and most of all practice, practice, practice. If you can’t play it slow, you will not play it fast.

Tools: The know how to achieving your goal is in a good relaxed atmosphere.

Tips: Going back on previous lessons and making sure you have it right. If not he will make sure you have it right!

PS My name is Sean and I’m 54 years old. You are never too old.



Michael C.

“I had only been really ‘strumming’ before I started taking lessons with Daniel in September 2012.I was lucky because Daniel is not only a great musician but he is also a great teacher. It’s been about a year now and I feel I have progressed enormously. Now I can easily sight read most music and I’ve learned loads of Jazz chords.”


M. Farrell

Daniel is excellent at explaining any technical questions put to him. His enthusiasm, patience and good humour make for an enjoyable class.”

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Akira M.

“I really enjoy the lessons and am very pleased so far.”